B A L L E T   M I N N E S O T A         2013 - 2014 Season
Union Depot    June 14, 2014
Nutcracker 2013   Photopage

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Rite of spring photos

Morning in Beijing

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2012 - 2013      25th  A N N I V E R S A R Y   Season
2012-13  Season2
2 2012-13   Season2
3 2012-13   Season2
4  2012-13   Season2
5  2012-13  Season2
6   2012-13   Season2

  Erin Warn     Jennifer Pray       Allen Gregory       Aaron Davies      Ben Olson       Jennifer Bennett    Riley Thomas Weber    Hannah Wagner    Margaret Underwood    Nik Nelson      Jennnifer Goodman     Matthew Prescott

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2011 - 2012         24th Performance Season
2012-13 1
2012-13 2
2012-13 3
1011-12 4
2011-12 5
2011 12  6

  Erin Warn         Jennifer Bennett         Allen Gregory          Aaron Davies          Ben Olson         Riley Thomas Weber      Jennnifer Goodman      Cristian Koening       Alexander Smirnov

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2010 - 2011           23rd Performance Season
B6 2010-11
Messiah 2010-11
Nutcracker 2010
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Don Quixote 2011

  Erin Warn         Jennifer Bennett        Julia Heggernes        Kari Jensen       Allen Gregory          Ben Olson           Riley Thomas Weber        Anna Betz      Oksana Konobeyeva       Matthew Prescott

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2009 - 2010           22nd Performance Season
2009-10 Season

 Erin Warn       Jennifer Bennett     Julia Heggernes     Kari Jensen       MacKenzie Martin      Allen Gregory       Sean Laughead      Jordan Nelson      Anna Betz      Oksana Konobeyeva      Alexi Agurdin     Alexander Smirnov

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2008 - 2009           21st Performance Season
Season 21

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2007 - 2008           20th Performance Season
2007-08 season

Selections from   B A L L E T   M I N N E S O T A' S   R E P E R T O I R E

W H I T E   B O X E S   denote   C L A S S I C A L   B A L L E T S

All Classical Ballets, except Cinderella and Nutcracker, were restaged by Cheryl Rist


Messiah 2012

Premiere - 2012

George Friderik Handel

Fitzgerald  &  O'Shaughnessy

Premiere - 2013

Sergi Prokofiev

O 'Shaughnessy
Beethoven's Grosse Fuge

Premiere - 2012

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Rhapsody in Blue

Premiere - 2009

George Gershwin

Fitzgerald Theater
Giselle  Act 1-2

1995    2005    2006

Adolphe Adam

O'Shaughnessy     Fitzgerald Theater
Black Dog Cafe

Premiere - 2006    2007

Collection of Composers

St Paul Student Theater     Fitzgerald
Les Sylphides   2012

1992    1998    2012

Frederic Chopin

St Paul Student Center Theater
E M Pearson Theater    Fitzgerald
Italian Symphony

Premiere - 2003         2007

Felix Mendelssohn

Fitzgerald Theater
Beethoven's 9th  Repertoire

Premiere - 2008

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Fitzgerald Theater
Swan Lake Repertoire

1996    2007    2008

Peter I Tchaikovsky

O'Shaughnessy     Fitzgerald Theater
Song of Silence

Premiere - 2011

Silence  ( No Music )

Fiitzgerald Theater
Nutcracker  1988- present

1988 - 2012

Peter I Tchaikovsky

1989 - 1995  St Paul Student Center Theater
1996 -2013    O'Shaughnessy

Rite Of Spring

Premiere - 2008

Igor Stravinsky

Bryant Lake Bowl     Fitzgerald
Grieg Piano Concerto In A Minor

Premiere - 2011

Edvard Grieg

E M Pearson Theater
Beethoven's 6th Symphony   2010

Premiere - 2010

Ludwig Van Beethoven

St Paul Student Center Theater
Don Quixote

2004    2011

Ludwig (Leon) Minkus

Fitzgerald Theater
River Songs

1992 - 2012

Charlie Maguire

St Paul Student Theater    Fitzgerald
O'Shaughnessy   History Theater  Salo Park
and many other locations
La Bayadere

2001    2009

Ludwig (Leon) Minkus

Fitzgerald Theater

2002    2004

Leo Delibes

Fitzgerald Theater
Mozart's 40th Symphony

Premiere - 2009

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Fitzgerald Theater
Sleeping Beauty


Peter I Tchaikovsky

Fitzgerald Theater
Egg   Mock Duck

Premiere - 2000

Original Score - Mock Duck

Fitzgerald Theater
C H I L D R E N' S   B A L L E T S


At the Museum, Nightmare and Ballet School were concieved and choreographed by Andrew Rist with original music by Robert E Hindel.

Each story follows the exploits of 13 Ballerina Girls as they dance, perform and live their adventures in St Paul's Lowertown district.

The first two are now in book form and the Ballet School will be available shortly.

At The Museum

Premiere - 1994  1995  2005  2009

Robert E Hindel

St Paul Student Theater       Fitzgerald
Nightmare   segment

Premiere - 1996  2002  2007  2010

Robert E Hindel

O'Shaughnessy       Fitzgerald Theater
Ballet School 2012

Premiere - 1999    2012

Robert E Hindel

Fitzgerald Theater
Sorcerer's Apprentice 2013

Premiere - 1992  2001  2011  2013

Paul Dukas

St Paul Student Theater       Fitzgerald
Empress New Clothes

Premiere - 1997    2004

Robert E Hindel

O'Shaughnessy       Fitzgerald
Elfan Children Ballet

Premiere - 1998    2008

Robert E Hindel

EM Pearson Theater      Fitzgerald